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MicroLogix 1400 programmable controller the Bulletin 1766, has an electricity
Input supply and output circuits, a central processing unit, an isolated mix
RS-232/485 communication interface, an Ethernet interface, and a non-isolated RS232
communication interface. Each control supports 32 I/O points that are distinct (20 digital
Output signals: 1766 AWAA 1766 L32BWAA and 1766 BXBA only).






Use only the following communication cables with the MicroLogix 1400
controllers. These cables are required for Class I Div. 2 applications.
• 1761-CBL-AM00 Series C or later
• 1761-CBL-AP00 Series C or later
• 1761-CBL-PM02 Series C or later
• 1761-CBL-HM02 Series C or later
• 2707-NC9 Series C or later
• 1763-NC01 Series A or later
• 1747-CP3 Series A or later




provide three communications ports, anisolated combination RS-232/485 communication port (Channel 0), an
Ethernet port (Channel 1) and a non-isolated RS-232 communication port
(Channel 2).
The Channel 0 and Channel 2 ports on the MicroLogix 1400 can be connected
to the following:
• operator interfaces, personal computers, etc. using DF1 Full Duplex
• a DH-485 network
• a DF1 Radio Modem network
• a DF1 half-duplex network as an RTU Master or RTU Slave
• a Modbus network as an RTU Master or RTU Slave
• an ASCII network
• a DeviceNet network as a slave or peer using a DeviceNet Interface
(catalog number 1761-NET-DNI)
• an Ethernet network using the Ethernet Interface module (catalog number
1761-NET-ENI, or 1761-NET-ENIW)
• a DNP3 network as a Slave
When connecting to RS-485 network using DH-485, DF1 Half-Duplex
Master/Slave, Modbus RTU Master/Slave or DNP3 Slave protocols, the
MicroLogix 1400 can be connected directly via Channel 0 without an Advanced
Interface Converter, catalog number 1761-NET-AIC. The Channel 0 combo
port provides both RS-232 and RS-485 isolated connections. The appropriate
electrical interface is selected through your choice of communication cable. The
existing MicroLogix 1761 communication cables provide an interface to the
RS-232 drivers. The 1763-NC01 cable provides an interface to the RS-485


MicroLogix Built in Real-Time Clock and 1400 Memory Module
The control includes a built in real-time clock to give a benchmark for
Programs that require time-based control.
The control is sent with a memory module interface cover set up.
Purchase a memory module, 1766- MM1.
Provides discretionary back-up of data and your user application, and is a way to
transport your applications between controls.
Information and the software is nonvolatile and is saved
The memory module provides added
Back-up which can be saved individually. The will not improve
Accessible memory of the control.


The control might also be connected to serial devices, for example bar code readers,
Weigh other devices that are intelligent, serial printers, and scales . See
Default Communication Setup on page 60 for the setup settings
for Route 0. MicroLogix 1400 may be linked directly to RS 485 network
Via channel 0, using ASCII.
The MicroLogix 1400 supports EtherNet/IP communication through the Ethernet
Moreover, either Modbus TCP or DNP3
can be enabled for Channel 1. You’ll be able to connect a nearby place and your control
Network that provides communication between various devices or
100 Mbps. This port supports CIP explicit messaging (message exchange) only.
The controller cannot be utilized for CIP implicit messaging (real-time I/O



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